Welcome to TBT's Myra and Ronald Bank Family Library

Our collection of approximately 4,000 books focuses on all aspects of the Jewish experience.  The library can be your source for:

    • Recreational reading, including selections for book groups
    • Resources for research papers for students of all ages
    • Cookbooks for everyday and holiday inspiration
    • Histories of Jewish communities around the world
    • Introductory materials on all branches of Judaism

All this and so much more!

The collection is organized by colored labels into the following twelve categories:

    • Fiction & Literature
    • Autobiography & Biography
    • Jewish History
    • Israel
    • Jewish Language
    • Jewish Thought
    • Lifecycles
    • Jewish Observance & Practice
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Introduction to Judaism
    • Comparative Religious Studies
    • Hebrew Bible & Biblical Studies

All shelves have signs explaining the colors for the categories and subcategories.  The collection is arranged alphabetically by author or anthologist except for biographies which are arranged by subject.

The collection is available online through an on-line database.  You can access this database at Librarything. You can search for a book by title or author.  Alternatively, go to the tags tab to see what we have in the different categories.

To check out books, please use the white board to enter your information.
To return books, either re-shelve them or place them in the wooden box on the floor.
To donate books, please consult Librarything to ensure that you aren’t donating duplicates. It would be helpful if the donations are current (nothing earlier than 2000) unless you have a treasure.  Place donations in the basket provided.

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