Goals and Objectives



Elisheva reads to 1st/2nd Grade

Our goal is for Torah School to become a place where students want to go.  By creating positive feelings towards Torah School, students are more likely to continue learning about Judaism throughout their life.  We achieve this aim by balancing traditional methods of learning with more experiential forms of education.  As well as learning in the classroom, students experience Jewish values, traditions, histories, and cultures through a series of practical activities, both inside and outside the synagogue.

By approaching education in this manner, students can learn about Judaism in ways that are fun, engaging, interactive, and meaningful, and which provide relevance for their lives.  Our Torah School encourages students to make ethical decisions, to be proud of being Jewish, and to think of Judaism as source of strength, comfort, and guidance. Through our weekly classes, holiday celebrations, and family education days, we build in opportunities for students and families to create community and to develop long-lasting friendships.


  • By the end of Torah School, students are able to identify and explain Jewish values and apply them to their lives.
  • Students will have learned Hebrew prayers and will be able to recite them, understand their meaning, and situate their place within a service.
  • Students will be able to make connections between the Bible and their own lives, by studying key Bible stories and characters.
  • Students will have begun to construct their own Jewish identity through engagement with text, tradition, history, and culture.


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