Purim Costumed Youth
Purim Costumed Youth

Imagine a holiday so fun that it seems ready-made for children, yet so profound as to confront the reality that good and evil co-exist in our world, and that evil will triumph if good people do not actively advocate for justice and righteousness.

A Megillah reading of the scroll of the Book of Esther and a community Purim Carnival always fill the calendar to make Purim a highlight each Spring. Hosted by our Torah School education committee, parents, and high school students, and featuring lunch by our TBT Brotherhood, our annual Purim Carnival is a fabulously successful day that brings the whole community out in costume, and young families spilling out on to the Temple lawn. Superheroes, pirates,  movie characters- you never know if its Rabbi Lisa or Cantor Robin behind that mask!

Delighted Purim Carnival Performance Audience


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