Judaism thrives in community. One can be a Jew in intellect and spirit, but the heart of being Jewish is being in community. Havurot (friendship groups) are one of the ways we help our families and individuals connect to others. A havurah is a small group of individuals who gather together for a variety of reasons: to socialize, celebrate Jewish holidays, learn more about Judaism, and participate in social action projects.  In this “extended family” you will find the opportunity to meet regularly for social events, for holiday celebrations, for support during life cycle moments. Most importantly, a havurah provides an opportunity for you to build relationships with others who share your values and interests.

It takes a masterful eye to create havurot that endure for years and decades, but we work to create such friendship groups, knowing how much they enrich Jewish life. Members who are interested in being part of a havurah are invited to talk with Rabbi Lisa.


  • Your Havurah becomes your extended family
  • Havurot create secure and constant ties to the wider Jewish community
  • Havurot help Judaism remain a constant source of joy



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