Tikkun Olam (Perfecting the World)

mini VCTRY youth group recycling
Mini-VCTRY Youth Group recycling

Social Action at TBT

Tikkun olam (Hebrew: תיקון עולם‎) is a Hebrew phrase that means “healing the world” suggesting humanity’s shared responsibility to heal, repair, and transform the world.  In Judaism, the concept of tikkun olam originated in the early rabbinic period and has developed over the millenium. For TBT, tikkun olam means that Jews are not only responsible for creating a model society among themselves, but also that we are responsible for the welfare of the society at large. This responsibility may, to varying degrees, be understood in religious, social and political terms.

Our Social Action Committee works to meet the challenges of those in need in our community, support Israel and Jews throughout the world, address social issues and to improve the lives of local school children.

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the support and participation of our congregants.  Every member of TBT is a member of our Social Action program.

Please join us with your ideas.

Here’s our current focus. You can help now: 

The Social Action Committee is now meeting on Zoom. Our next meeting is Thursday, May 20 at 7:00 p.m. If you are not already on our email list and would like to join us or receive our minutes and news please contact lynngeller@gmail.com to be included.

New Project:

The Social Action Committee is adding to our monthly dinner food commitment for River Haven, the transitional living program for homeless residents working towards permanent housing. Due to Covid, food supplies have been limited and they are in need of shelf stable food items not needing refrigeration, canned or packaged, such as soups, vegetables, fruit, fish, pasta, peanut butter and jam, etc. We invite you to participate, this will be an ongoing project. Please drop the items off at Temple in the big clear plastic box in the administration hall, or deliver to Ira and Esther Sorkin’s residence. Email lynngeller@gmail.com for the address.

Ongoing Projects:

Collecting furniture and household goods to furnish apartments for the homeless who move into permanent housing. Email lynngeller@gmail.com for information and to make arrangements.

Collecting old or unused computer equipment, printers, etc. to be refurbished and distributed to those in need of a computer. Please contact Ira Sorkin: ira@ecologyfund.net for donations and more information.

We are still collecting gently used and clean clothing, socks, shoes, etc. for the farmworkers’ families of all ages and others in need. Please drop the items off in the Social Action collection box in the administration hall or contact Ira who will be delivering them, ira@ecologyfund.net, or lynngeller@gmail.com for more information.


Here are some of the projects we’ve focused on over the past 18 months:

  • Providing a weekly Tutoring Program for over 50 children
  • Helping refugee children separated from their parents by sending new clothing and supplies
  • Responding to the local fire by donating to the two Jewish camps and by replacing bicycles to children who had lost theirs through our ongoing bike collection
  • Supporting our Temple youth at their events, such as by staffing the bake sale at the Purim carnival to raise money for TBT camperships
  • Continuing advocacy for Israel through petitions to legislators and donations to organizations such as the GHIS school in Israel.  
  • Financial donations to organizations that support Jewish students in the US; Jews in the Ukraine, as well as a Puerto Rican water project and other humanitarian programs throughout the world
  • Participating in Reproductive Rights programs and hosting the annual Roe v. Wade event
  • Sponsoring a High Holy Day Food and Clothing Drive to benefit Food Share, Brotherhood Food Distribution, with special emphasis on the needs of Children and Foster Kids
  • Assisting the local homeless by advocacy though active membership in local interfaith organizations and ongoing collection of sundries and clothing.
  • Supporting River Haven, a local housing program for the homeless, by providing monthly dinners for residents, donation of housing units, and construction of a lighting system.
  • Establishing the Helping Hand program to loan medical devices to our congregants
  • Providing a battery disposal opportunity for recycling
  • Participating with Rabbi Lisa and community members at rallies and City Council meetings to promote our values