“Z’man matan Torah”, Shavuot is called, the time of the Giving of the Torah. Legend has that on the 5th of Sivan, Moses descended Mt. Sinai, holding the Ten Commandments. Whether we received the Ten Commandments, or the entire Torah, or every insight that would ever be derived from Torah study makes no difference; our lives as a Jewish people connected by covenant with God and with Torah began at this moment.

Each year we chose to celebrate Shavuot in new ways- perhaps with a Tikkun Shavuot, an adult study program, or an Adult Confirmation, or Adult B’nai Mitzvah.

Each year, our Shavuot celebration includes the Confirmation of our 10th grade students, who embrace “z’man matan torah” as their affirmation of “kabbalat torah”- of receiving the Torah. In a service that is student-written and student-led, we marvel at the incredible young Jewish adults that the TBT Torah school and families creates and produces!

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