Rabbi Lisa’s Four Questions for Pesach 2015

Four Questions for 2015

When you sit down to Seder this week, you will find the traditional 4 questions. What questions do YOU think should be part of our contemporary conversation as Jews? What should we be asking ourselves, as a community? Here are some of the questions congregants raised last Shabbat; I encourage you to bring these to your Seder table, and add your own.

  • Why is there still oppression when we pray for liberation every year?

  • Why can’t we achieve world peace?

  • Why is there an “us” and “them?”

  • Why are there still so many who fight hunger and poverty?

  • Why don’t people “do the right thing” instead of acting selfishly or cruelly?

  • God, why have you chosen to redeem us and what do you expect of us in return?

  • Why am I here and what am I supposed to be learning?

  • How does this Passover shape our understanding of ourselves as Jews?

  • Will next year be the year?

  • What does true freedom look like and who is truly free?

  • Why is the world so dangerous for so many people?

Chag Sameach,
Rabbi Lisa 

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