Finding a New Way Home

“Finding a New Way Home,” narrated by Rabbi Lisa, is the Ventura faith community’s initiative to make citizens aware of an upcoming vote on March 20 by the Ventura City Council, to make zoning changes which will allow the city to build a Transitional Housing Center.

In changing the zoning, such a Center will be able to offer support services, along with overnight accommodations, for homeless people who are seeking to end their homelessness.

This is a proposal that the city, social services, the faith and business communities have been working to achieve for a very long time.

TBT’s Social Action Committee encourages you to attend the Planning Commission on March 8, the City Council meeting on March 20, or by emailing council members about your support for Transitional Housing.


Finding a New Way Home – Extended Version (19 min) from CAPS Media on Vimeo.


Prayers of Compassion for those who are Homeless


Why Does Ventura Need to Find a New Way Home?


Finding A New Way Home – Intro Version (5 min) from CAPS Media.


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